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The African Gender Forum

The African Gender Forum aims to bring together African women and women from other continents to share experiences and lessons on important current issues from a multi-dimensional perspective which integrates gender, economic, social, and political discussions. It allows African women to make their own assessment of their situation and to propose strategies for future action. The expected objective of the Forum is for women to establish networks by strengthening the communication and cooperation between actors from the public and economic spheres, with the aim of instilling a culture of solidarity at the continental level. It was launched in 2005 by FAS’ PanAfrican Centre on Gender, Peace and Development (PAC) in Dakar and it provided for a Gala dinner to close the Forum.

The African Gender Award

The African Gender Award is given during a ceremony which is closing the Forum. It is a time of celebration to recognize and reward African Leaders or Government representatives, who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in gender mainstreaming and women's advancement. As such, the African Gender Award has been designed to be a performance award recompensing Governments accountability towards the Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality.  Also FAS realize that other stakeholders from the private sector and the civil society should be recognized.

The Recognitions of the Civil Society & the Private Sector

Under the African Gender Award Program, two Recognitions are granted to Civil Society (CSO) and to the Private Sector (PS) of the Award recipient country.  Indeed, the CSO and the PS are two inevitable partners of the State in promoting Gender mainstreaming.  Therefore it was necessary to give also visibility to their achievements and commitments. The Award and the two Recognitions expected goal is to strengthen the synergy between the State, the CSO and the PS and mostly to sustain the African Gender Award’s visions and to facilitate monitoring and evaluation on the SDGEA performance.