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FORUM 2007 - Thematic

The 2007 Forum entitled “African Women for Africa’s Development: Building Partnership with the Diaspora” featured a dialogue between the African women on one side and the African Diaspora and the African descendants on the other side. Participants were gathered to discuss the issues of Women and Migration from its socio-economic and political perspectives as well as identifying the positive contributions of the Diaspora to Africa’s development.
Topics included:
    Migration and the changing role of women
    The economic dimensions of migration
    Roles and responsibilities at policy level
    Providing solutions and recommendations to African and Western Governments on Migration 
    Building bridges between the continents: opportunities, good practices and responsibilities
    The role of women in peace and security.

The Forum provided the opportunity to share good practices and experiences through luncheon speakers and dinner discussions that included:
    Liberia and Senegal through presentations of respective case studies: the Sirleaf Market Women’s Fund of Liberia
    and the Association Education-Santé (AES) of Senegal
    UBS Philanthropy Services of Switzerland presenting the case studies of Senegal and Rwanda to highlight
    private sector development
    Providing case studies that reflect the effectiveness of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325.

The overall agenda of the Forum gave rise to thoughtful and dynamic interventions, and fruitful and enriched discussions.

FORUM 2007 - Participants & Partners

This second edition of the Forum brought together 150 participants: African women, members of the African diaspora and descendants, African and European Governments, African Ministries for Women’s Affairs, International Organizations, Civil Society Organizations, as well as members of the Private Sector. Guests of honour and many eminent personalities were present. Full text >>

FORUM 2007 - Publications

 - Aide Memoire
 - Programme
 - Plan of Action
 - Report

FORUM 2007 - Media


African Gender Forum and Award 2007


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